Terms & Conditions

  1. Not more than two (2) guests are allowed in a room.
  2. Smoking isn’t allowed at the Reception, VIP Lounge, and in all our rooms.
  3. Check-in time is 6am and Check-out time is 12pm.
  4. Following expiration of Check-out time and non-payment for renewal of room booking, a charge of 3,000 per hour overstayed shall be made to the guest.
  5. Should the guest have the intention of retaining a booked room, payment for renewal of the booking should be within maximum of 2 hours before the Check-out time.
  6. Should any guest fail to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions, such shall be checked-out immediately and without any refund.

Kindly read, understand and adhere to the above terms and conditions. They are really important to having a cordial stay at Jeffrock Hotel & Lounge. Our client service personnel will be available to answer any questions you might have about them, or make any needed clarifications. Enjoy your stay with us!